Asset Manager

Portfolio Management is one of EastMerchant’s strategic business segments alongside the arranging and structuring of investments in the aviation industry. Since 1999, EastMerchant has successfully been managing portfolios with a volume of more than USD 7.5 bn. Currently, we manage a portfolio of 14 widebody aircraft.

Asset Monitoring & Reporting

On-going monitoring of the asset and regular analysis of financial and economic developments are key to preserving the value of the investment. Alongside technical audits and inspections, we deliver periodic asset management reports, taking into account the investors’ risk management, compliance and regulatory requirements.

Risk & Portfolio Management

Using tailor-made investment and credit risk strategies as well as risk management systems, we manage credit, asset, portfolio and structural risks successfully and with a proven track record of no losses.

Remarketing & Redelivery

Remarketing and redelivery of an aircraft at the right price or rate is crucial to extract maximum value for investors. We develop market-oriented exit strategies, assess lease extension options, identify and analyze potential buyers and lessees and conduct the aircraft redelivery procedure.