Keys to our Success

Due to the high quality and often innovative nature of its projects, EastMerchant has built an excellent reputation on both a national and international level and is considered to be a market leader in its sector.

A comprehensive national and international network

Our close relationship with manufacturers and operators of tangible assets as well as banks, investors and equity underwriters allows us to source attractive projects and execute them efficiently.

In-depth industry knowledge

EastMerchant is seen as a pioneer of the German fund industry and a leading provider of aviation products to German investors.

Long-standing investment experience

Our qualified team of dedicated professionals is able to execute finance related projects just as seamlessly as investment related projects.

Execution certainty

EastMerchant has successfully been involved in the initiation, structuring and execution of more than 100 transactions with a total asset value of over USD 30 bn.

Continuity and sustainability

The extraordinary continuity of our team and the long-standing successful cooperation with our partners secure the reliable and continuous support of our projects.

Part of an international leasing group

As a part of an international leasing group, we have the resources and worldwide access to capital to provide requisite execution certainty.